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Oct 11, 2012 9:00am EDT
in momentarily became a runner at the chicago board of trade in 1947. he became a member in 1949. yankees won the world series. the best movie was james cagny, "white heat." top of the world, ma. west germany and east germy became individual nations. soviets detonated their first atomic bomb. here's lee stern then. here's lee stern now. a member for 63 years, mr. stern. that is amazing. >> you know what's so amazing about it, i was -- i'm only 61 years old now. >> off camera, everybody was checking out mr. stern's ring. tell us a little about -- lee's ring. >> let's see. world series ring. 2005. >> chicago white sox. >> chicago white sox. there's 99 diamonds in there. everybody thought the 99 diamonds had to do with 99 wins. it had to do at that time 99 years the cubs never made the world series. >> keep rubbing it in. why do you have that ring, lee? >> i'm a director over there. i'm the one that always says no to jerry reinsdorf when i should be saying yes. i say yes when i should be saying no. >> it isn't only baseball and trading. you owned a soccer team. the chicago sting. what year did y
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1